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Trivia in The Beaumont – Rom-Com

Indulge in a night of love and laughter at The Beaumont’s enchanting Trivia Night, where this month’s theme is none other than the magic of Rom-Coms! Save the date for Friday, February 23rd, and let the romantic journey begin at 7:30 pm in our charming cocktail lounge.

Join us for a chance to win some fabulous prizes while testing your knowledge on iconic quotes, heartwarming scenes, and delightful details from all your beloved rom-com movies. From classic tales of love to uproarious laughter, our trivia questions will transport you to the whimsical world of your favorite romantic stories. But that’s not all! We’re adding a musical twist to the romance with the best love songs you love to break out to.

With limited spaces available in The Beaumont, ensure you’ve secured your spot for a night filled with love and friendly competition. Make a booking for yourself and your friends to share the joy of romance and camaraderie. Don’t miss this opportunity to create beautiful memories at The Beaumont’s monthly Trivia Night!

Friday 23 Feb 2024

7:30 PM

The Beaumont




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