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Yesterday’s Heros

Never before have you ever had a show bring so much diversity. Elvis to John Lennon, Roy Orbison to Tom Jones, plus many other 60’s groups like Manfred Man , Rolling Stones , Easybeats.

Not to forget the females of the 50’s & 60’s like Connie Francis, Lulu, Dusty Springfield and many more.

We have brought together the best of the best all in one show. We bring quality Entertainment plus leaving the audience cheering for more.

Introducing the cast of the show…..Lead Characters:

Bill Croft

Bill plays the leading roles of Roy Orbison, Elvis Presley and John Lennon

Bill has even been acknowledged  as  Australia’s no.1 John Lennon impersonator by none other than 2CH’s Bob Rogers and has frequently played recordings of Bill on the air.

Bill has worked with several bands and shows over the last 20 odd years including shows like

“Beatle Magic”, “British Invasion”, “Stars In Your Eyes” and toured all over Australia  with the show “Nowhere Man” finishing with  two nights at the palms show room at the Crown Casino.

Darlene Croft

Darlene has been around the music industry all her life , being that her father was a very well known entertainer in the club scene. Darlene decided to take to the stage to continue in her father’s footsteps

and since being in the spotlight she has made quite an impression in her own right.

Darlene’s characters consist of Lulu , Connie Frances , Nancy Sinatra , Dusty Springfield and other various females from the 60’s.

Darlene has also starred in the shows Stars in your Eyes and British Invasion,

when not appearing in her Vinyl Revival Dance Band and Duo performances.


Tickets can be purchased through reception for $30 for members and $32 for non-members which includes a roast lunch.

Bookings are essential and need to be finalised by Wednesday, 25th September 2024.

Monday 30 Sep 2024

11:00 AM


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